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Growing with Fogponics

Growing with Fogponics is easy!  A small "fogbox" like Nutramist can be easily built at home using just a few things purchased online. These instructions can be manipulated or adjusted for different applications like a 
home humidifier, or unit to treat areas for mold remediation or smells.

Fogponics is the number one use for ultrasonic Mist Makers today... (according to the highly technical survey on our homepage). There are many different benefits to using fogponics vs. hydroponic methods such as DWC, aeroponics and ebb and flow. Ultrasonic Mist Makers create a <5 µ (Micron) sized water droplet. This droplet is so incredibly small that it is considered "dry". These tiny water droplets easily defy gravity, providing every bit of root area what it craves… 100% coverage, with rich nutrient dense fog...                                                                                                                                    

Check out our YouTube Page with tons of videos on Fogponics.
Mist Maker Tornado Simulator from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They have been using mist makers from 

and they shared some videos of the projects they are working on. They are currently building a huge tornado simulator to take into schools. Subscribe to us and check out our store at 

The houseofhydro.com for tons of DIY tips and trips for Ultrasonic mist makers. 
Improve Gas Mileage with water and a mist maker.The House of Hydro put this theory to the test. Can you really improve your MPG by using water? I will show you how to make a  DIY water/fog injection system for your car in about 10 minutes... for less than $40!​
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The HOH family will be taking a short vacation from January 1 to Jan 6 to spend some time with the kids. We will have an employee available to ship emergency parts if needed. Some orders may be filled while we are away, but most will ship when we return to the office on the 6th. We will try to make sure all replacment part orders are filled right away. We know you guys need your fog! Thanks for your patience, the kids are only young once! Happy holidays!

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