Decommissioning your product for a warranty exchange.

In order to quickly serve our customers we will often ask for a decommissioning picture of the product instead of having them sent back.

For a fogging transducer, we require two cuts, and two images.

The first cut is the U- Shaped water level sensor on the top of the fogging transducer. You can cut this, or it can even be ripped off sometimes. Either way, it just needs to be removed. 

The second cut is the power cord. This must be cut at the very base of the cord. Please, DO NOT leave more than 1 inch of cord.  

The first picture is of the "passed date" sticker. It is located on the side of the silver transducer. This picture must show the sticker, as well as the wires that were cut in the first step. 

The second picture we will need is of the bottom lot number stamp. It is in the center of the bottom plate of the transducer. 

Please see example pictures below. Please note: sometimes you will have to scratch the passed date sticker like a lottery ticket in order to be able to read it in the picture.  



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