Top 10 (or 11) Things to Avoid When Using Ultrasonic Foggers

Ultrasonic foggers are devices that create a mist by vibrating water at ultrasonic frequencies. They find applications in humidifying homes, grow rooms, special effects, terrariums for reptiles, or even growing mushrooms. However, using them incorrectly can lead to various issues. Here are the top 10 things to avoid when using ultrasonic foggers to ensure safe and effective operation:

  1. Using Hard Tap Water with very High Mineral Content: Tap water with high mineral content can cause mineral deposits to form on the fogger, affecting its performance and lifespan. Always use water with a lower TDS level such as RO water, or soft tap water. High TDS levels can be used, but will require more cleaning of the ultrasonics discs and can stress the mist maker. It can also leave a white calcium dust on surfaces. 

  2. Running the Fogger Dry: Operating the ultrasonic fogger without sufficient water can damage the internal components through overheating.  Ensure there is always enough water in the reservoir before turning it on, and don't rely on the water sensor of your fogger to remind you it's time to add water. Do not exceed 115F water temp. Ceramic discs can wear out quickly at these temps. We recomend a 27 gallon container for the larger units, and at least a 5 gallon bucket for the 3 or 5 disc. If you're running it in a 5 gallon bucket, make sure to keep the water level up! 

  3. Using Bleach or other "slimy" additive that can cause an immediate buildup on the discs and destroy your fogger. Vinegar for cleaning and hydrogen peroxide or our waterproof UV light is recommended for humidifier reservoir water sterilization.

  4. Running your Mist Maker for too long: Ultrasonic foggers have a cooling tube inside that needs time to "chill". A max run cycle of 8 hours is recommended. Give the fogger 1 hour of down time before running it again. This is most important in 9 and 12 disc units. Smaller units like the 1 and 3 disc mist makers can be pushed harder sometimes, but it's important to maintain plenty of water in order to keep them cool.

  5. Getting water in the internal spring area during a disc change. NEVER let any liquid in the spring area. ALWAYS dry the fogger thoroughly before maintenance, and remove the discs to avoid trapped moisture during long term storage.

  6. Not having the 2 part mist maker float fully seated/ pressed together. This can cause the unit to sit too high out of the water partially activating the U-shaped water level sensor. We typically see the float separate during maintenance when it's dropped on the floor.

  7. Lifting the silver fogging transducer by the power cord or U shaped water level sensor. It's not a handle. Do not try to adjust it, or bend it back into place if it's slightly bent. It won't help anything to "fix" it. Instead, lift the float out of the water and flip it over to dump out the transducer. 

  8. Running more than one fogger in the same tank. This can cause quick disc wear due to electrical interference. This is less tolerated in the larger 12 disc water foggers and don't really effect the smaller 1,3, or 5 disc foggers.  

  9. Using the black protective ring that come on the replacement discs. Some people think these rings are meant to replace the clear o-rings that are under the discs in the fogger. They are NOT! Just throw them away and leave the clear O-rings in place. Speaking of, when doing a disc change, make sure the clear O-ring doesn't stick to the bottom of the old disc and get lost.  

  10. Using in Extremely Cold Environments: Operating a fogger in very cold environments can cause expansion and contraction of the fogger as it cycles and ultimately damage the fogger. We recommend using an aquarium heater in the water reservoir to help keep the temp somewhere in the 90F area. This can also help keep your room warm.

Ok, I lied. Here's one more thing you should watch out for!

Not keeping the discs clean! Dirty discs reduce output and can cause your humidistat to keep calling for more humidity. This can cause your fogger to run continuously and cause permanent damage. (See #4) Most of the time a good wipe down can restore output, but if it doesn't, remove the discs (see #5) and  install new ones (see #9). If you find moisture under the discs, dry out the spring area with a hair dryer before installing the new ones. 

By following these guidelines, you can maximize the effectiveness and longevity of your ultrasonic fogger while ensuring safe and appropriate use for your specific application. Whether it's for humidifying a room, creating ambiance, or maintaining humidity in a terrarium, proper care and operation will help you get the most out of your ultrasonic fogger from The House of Hydro. 

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