The Future of Growing is Here... Make a Vertical Fogponics Tower!

Making a Vertical  Fogponics Tower is an easy way to start growing with Fogponics. Although, the easiest way to start growing with Fogponics is the 5 Gallon Bucket Hybrid Kratky Method. The one thing to remember with vertical hydroponic towers is that fog is heavier than air and tends to settle at the bottom. Therefore, we need to introduce the fog at the top of the tower and not the bottom.

One of the best ways to do this, and also use a smaller mist maker is to create a hybrid drip/fog system. To do this, you will  have your Ultrasonic Mist Maker mounted at the top of the Fogponic tower (without the black float) inside an overflowing container that is fed nutrient water via a pump located at the bottom of the tower. (see attached pictures of our Vertical Fogponics Tower Diagram)

Depending on the size of your Vertical Grow Tower, you could use anywhere from a Single Disc Mist Maker up to a 12 Disc Mist Maker. The customer in this video uses a Single Disc Fogger mounted at the top of the tower. They pump nutrients to the top of the tower which feed the fogger and then overflows back down over the roots on its way back to the nutrient reservoir in the base of the tower. The fog that was generated during the cycle is then left behind for several minutes until the pumps next cycle commences.  

100% Fogponic grows can also be achieved in a vertical tower as well. To do this, you would have an external fog generator that supplied fog directly to the top of the tower, and the condensated waste would be collected at the bottom of the tower. Check out our video on how to make a Nutramist fogger. A 100% Fogponic Grow requires a larger fogger to supply very thick fog allowing the plants to receive enough nutrients. A 5 disc unit (minimum) should be used in a similarly sized fog tower if growing with 100% fog. 


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