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Top 10 (or 11) Things to Avoid When Using Ultrasonic Foggers

Ultrasonic foggers are extremely effective tools for many different uses, but there are some things to watch out for. Save yourself, time and money by knowing what to watch out for BEFORE issues arise.

The Future of Growing is Here... Make a Vertical Fogponics Tower!

Making a Vertical  Fogponics Tower is an easy way to start growing with Fogponics. Although, the easiest way to start...

Welcome to The House of Hydro - Ultrasonic Mist Maker Supply

Why buy Foggers from The HoH? The House of Hydro has been the world's leading supplier of Ultrasonic Mist Makers for well over a decade! We have thousands of happy humidification customers worldwide. We've shipped Ultrasonic Foggers to nearly every country in the world, for nearly every reason in the world! We are the only company that specializes strictly in ultrasonic fog and customer applications involving fog. From your local hobbyist growing orchids or mushrooms, to Nasa Laboratories and even a Katy Perry video, our fog is everywhere! And we have what you need to get it done all in one place! 
The House of Hydro supplies a full line of commercial-grade Mist Makers with absolutely no LEDs to cause problems like algae growth or internal shorts. We offer 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, Disc Mist Makers as well as our monster fogger, the 12XL! We also have multiple sizes of the world's best waterproof fans. Available in both 80 mm, and 120 mm sizes, we can get you pushing fog for nearly any application like a DIY Humidifier, Fog Machine that uses only water, or even a Fog Tornado Science Project for kids! Speaking of having fog everywhere... you can check out our monstrous Fog Tornado at The Chicago Science Center, or the portable tornado the NOAA made for educating kids about our weather.... Did I say weather? How about some Cloudscapes or maybe some Tequila Clouds if that's your thing? Ok, you get the point!

Welcome to the House of Hydro Family!

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