What is the Tuff Coat Anti Corrosion Coating?

We first discovered this coating when I sold a mist maker to a University Professor that had been commissioned to test the top 5 leading Corrosion Inhibiting compounds (CIC's) used by the airline industry. He was using our mist makers to create a high salt (salt fog chamber) environment for the experiment. They tested the top 5 anti corrosion sprays used by aircraft manufacturers, and he shared his results with me.  


5 Disc Unit with Tuff Coat:


The spray we're using came out well on top, repelling corrosion many months longer than the others.  These coatings are not for sale to the general public and used by the military and the airline industry. They do sell online in a few aero-specialty stores, but It's extremely expensive at $48 for a small can! I have commissioned local body shop to spray and bake 3 coats of this CIC to provide a superior mist maker that isn't available anywhere else. 

For protection of all commonly used aerospace metals and alloys:

  • Organic 
  • Super penetrating
  • Water displacing 
  • Heavy-duty hard wax based coating
  • Tack-free film (except on plastics/rubbers where is does not cure as well. ie the base of the power cord) 
  • Superior salt repelling properties
  • DO NOT use Tuff Coat in strong chlorine. 

This is a must for any users with abusive applications such as fertilizer, gasoline, perfumes, salt water, or hard water.  Even with regular water the Tuff coat will help extend the life of your mist maker. 

Some chemicals can cause the coating to turn chalky white. This is normal. 

This coating is not paint. It is extremely tricky to spray, and may have a run or two, but does not affect the quality of the coating. 

I double the warranty when protected with Tuff Coat!
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