Tariff Updates

Hello my friends,

After many months of hoping the trade war would settle and we could return to normal, we are now at a tipping point. Our prices have remained the same for over a decade, but we're at a point where we must raise our prices to cover the tariffs.

We are a small, 100% family-run business, and the 25% increase in costs is a crushing blow.  This was not an easy decision for us but seems to be nowhere close to ending. I can only hope that our customers can understand the predicament that we are in, and continue to do business with us. 

Lastly, and most importantly, please do not find this post as an indication of our political views... We lean towards peace... not left or right. :-)

Warmest Regards,

Johnny B, and the HOH Family


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The HOH family will be taking a short vacation from January 1 to Jan 6 to spend some time with the kids. We will have an employee available to ship emergency parts if needed. Some orders may be filled while we are away, but most will ship when we return to the office on the 6th. We will try to make sure all replacment part orders are filled right away. We know you guys need your fog! Thanks for your patience, the kids are only young once! Happy holidays!

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